Previews And Reviews

7:21 - $75.00 Claiming 4-7Y F - 1
ozzy_yorks - ***Edited***

ozzy_yorks - Well done Micke good luck with them...….ty Ian

16:23 - D Division 3Y C - 1
Celtic Race Party - 24 races now, unbelievable???

16:42 - C Division 3Y C - 1
Saigon Hills - Please bring back BC races and capped races. Own 750 horses no place to race.
Owners keep alive this game you need to listen bring the forums back ,NOT FAIR?

Bottlebrush - I pointed that out regarding the missing capped & B+C races a couple of weeks back, no responses.
It's just making the game even more challenge only & BMH is just not working well, there are no B races (or very very few)
A lot of high challenge seem to be M & it is being abused leading to multiple instances of M races & split fields.
Possibly because there are so few options & i'm not accusing any stables, any loophole will be taken advantage of...
Saying that I always thought there where too many capped races especially when it was on RAR & effected the DIVS as a result.

Celtic Race Party - Where are the B and C races.....Where are the capped level and wfa races,, notification given.Why are we being forced to run our horses with penalties in graded races.......Where are the forums and Ask and advise?