Previews And Reviews

0:47 - $15.00 Claiming N2L 2Y CF - 1
Ascot Vale Lodge - The silks worn by Sonic Stables look very familiar to me. :)

3:17 - $15.00 Claiming 4-7Y C - 1
executive yards - Sorry to jump on this isnt it great when you geld a yearling colt doing very nice tts and it ends up doing a length less than it was without. Thanks rc love it.

5:10 - $15.00 Claiming 4-7Y C - 1
Bellstane - Hahaha cheers

Ascot Vale Lodge - And the first stable to chalk up a win in the new season is BELLSTANE, congrats.

8:20 - B and C Division 4-7Y CF - 1
Betromania - random 4 against random 1 and wins ??

9:03 - Maiden 2Y C - Gr2 - 1
Ascot Vale Lodge - Congrats Malpas Road on your first graded win.

11:48 - $15.00 Claiming Juvenile C - 1
Ascot Vale Lodge - Three of the six horses in the race and still can't get RF 1.

11:51 - WFA 2-7Y C Gr 0 - 1
Bellstane - Unlucky mate

13:03 - C Division 3Y F - 1
Hilltop - Sounds like Innate ability to me lol

Betromania - What ??
Unfit , top weight , no shoes wins the race ?? Very similar tts two horse race ...

13:12 - Maiden 3Y C -Gr2 - 1
Ewen - Hello Gingebrook

16:33 - Maiden 2Y C - 1
Chinese Racers - Note to self.... don't forget shoes

17:04 - Level Weight 2Y F - 1
Ewen - Easy peasey, lemon squeezey. Come on Let’s Do It Again

Bellstane - Cheers mate hopefully not only win today ;)

The wolfs lair - well done Chris.

The wolfs lair - A v high class field for a fairly minor race!!

17:13 - C Division 4-7Y C - Gr 1 - 1
The wolfs lair - amazing how often I have the favourite and rubbish randoms lol

18:00 - 2YC Sprint Championship - 1
Smith Racing - Congratulations Micke and all others that took some winnings. Very happy with a place, even though I got JR1!!

derekw10 - Tips have all been sent to RC to post up on the news forum, once they are posted you have to go on to the new site to access the news

Here are mine just in case.

Sprinters Championship Final Juvenile C Enzo Ferrari
Sprinters Championship Final Juvenile F Honeysuckle'
Nunthorpe Sprint Final 3Y C From Zero To Hero
Nunthorpe Sprint Final 3Y F Hearts Destiny
Newbury Colts Sprint Championship Final 4-7Y C Feelin Supersonic
Newbury Fillies Sprint Championship Final 4-7Y F Carol Danvers
2YC Classic Championship Ballyfinn
2YF Classic Championship Jumping Opal
3YC Derby Championship Muscles Mustang
3YF Oaks Championship Mammacita
King George Championship 4-7Y C Approach The Edge
Queen Elizabeth Championship 4-7Y F Gut Punch
2YC Stayers Championship Bruce Allmighty
2YF Stayers Championship Cocaine Goddess
3YC St Leger Championship Dark Potential
3YF St Leger Championship Mammacita
Cesarewitch Championship 4-7Y C Xtramonumentale
Cesarewitch Championship Final 4-7Y F Holly Redhead

GL All.

Buster Troop - Also my first finals! Good luck everyone..And come on Enzo!

Violet Racing - I’ve picked Attack on Titan in this he tipping comp ;(

Mine should go well but always down to the RF!

All the best guys

Smith Racing - First finals tonight! Good luck to all involved

Betromania - I have no chances these finals so I’m in the shotgun camp ..
Cmon micke ...

Betromania - Unlucky ken?
Why you picked mine is beyond me lol.
Well done micke .

18:00 - 2YC Classic Championship - 1
Honedrops - ***Edited***

Saigon Hills - ***Edited***

Higgys House - Thank Smith Racing, I'm actually in shock, wasn't even his supposedly best ground!!!! Well done all those placed as well

Betromania - Well that's two players with the exact same problem . hope its not catching Rc.

Smith Racing - Congrats on the win Higgys

18:00 - 2YC Stayers Championship - 1
The wolfs lair - I have somehow engineered getting the wrong hors in the final. He doesn't stay this trip in a taxi so gl to the rest of you.

18:10 - Consolation 2YC Sprint - 1
Bbstables - wrong going for mine

katies - Hmmm lol

18:10 - Consolation 2YC Stayers - 1
The wolfs lair - Appears to me the better 3200 horses are in this race and not the final lol.

18:15 - 2YF Sprint Championship - 1
Betromania - The Plagiarist home and hosed

The Pirate Stud - Draw means nowt matey,if you have a decent nag and top 4 jock..... Keep the faith ;)

Bbstables - Draw done for me

Bellstane - Unlucky Pirate well done the winner draw must have done me.

The Pirate Stud - Will earn a bit next season.

Betromania - Random 9 4th and still happy lol.
I would have been screaming .

The Pirate Stud - 9th to be happy with a place. Well done winner and placers.

18:15 - 2YF Classic Championship - 1
The wolfs lair - Good run for you too Chris. WD mate.

The wolfs lair - Lol, take it mate. I need to have some of what you're smoking and see if I can turn my fortunes around too!!

Smith Racing - Cheers mate, appreciate it. I have been very lucky with randoms so far!

The wolfs lair - holy smokes, your stable is absolutely on fire. Well done Adam.

Smith Racing - Thank you mate, absolutely buzzing, can’t believe I’ve got a final winner!!

Bellstane - Super result Adam didnt even notice well done bro!

18:15 - 2YF Stayers Championship - 1
Violet Racing - Tough break for my filly in this with the ground coming up muddy. Nice weight but she’s going to need a very good random.

Good luck to all

Betromania - Looks like your the King this season Derek .
I think you won your own comp also lol double pay.

Well done.

Bellstane - Congrats the winner.......gutted with that random.

18:25 - Consolation 2YF Classic - 1
Betromania - Princess should have been in final , bad draw but should get home in this .. bring up the betting.

19:15 - 3YF Nunthorpe Sprint Championship - 1
Saigon Hills - ***Edited***

Chinese Racers - Nice one!!

Betromania - cheers son ..
didn't give it a great chance to be honest..

Bellstane - Congrats Betro

19:15 - 3YF Oaks Championship - 1
Betromania - got to be happy with that lol.

19:15 - 3YF St Leger Championship - 1
Chinese Racers - I was thinking the same :)

Betromania - would have been nice for the 3rd horse to have won ? but nope .................

19:25 - Consolation 3YF Nunthorpe Sprint - 1
Bellstane - Not gonna say Congrats.....Once is enough

Betromania - didn't think i would ever see a return on this pig.

19:35 - World Challenge Day 2-7Y C - 1
Ascot Vale Lodge - Congrats Anne, a nice win over the Dothraki Bros :)

20:00 - Newbury Sprint 4-7Y Championship C - 1
Chinese Racers - Nice tipping Derek!!

20:00 - Cesarewitch Championship 4-7Y C - 1
Betromania - Another win for Dellboy.

Ascot Vale Lodge - I think Leo Tolstoy will win and complete the 3Y0 / 4Y0 double, Fyreburn to run second and Henrich Mann to run third.

Ascot Vale Lodge - This is a tough game, as soon as the track condition was posted as muddy, my two colts were effectively out of the running. Especially Dothraki Spirit who would have been very hard to beat on America 2850m fast. It's now a race of 12.

Ascot Vale Lodge - Thanks John, I honestly thought it couldn't win, but a good jockey makes a big difference.

Saigon Hills - Congrats Robert

Ascot Vale Lodge - Thanks Peter and Bellstane, I still can't believe it. One of my biggest thrills in the game. :)

Pg Drive - Well done Robert...

Bellstane - Cracking win Ascot against expectations well done.

20:04 - $500 Capped WFA 2-7Y F - 1
The wolfs lair - I can't remember hiring Harold 'the statue' Fisher as my stable jockey; but I must have done after having partaken in a liquid lunch.

20:15 - Queen Elizabeth Championship 4-7Y F - 1
Betromania - what's going on Micke ? dont let Dell boy win again...

20:25 - Consolation Newbury Sprint 4-7Y F - 2
Roo Bee Doo - Account ---> credit history. Should be sorted now. :)

Bellstane - Sorry to be a newbie guys but how do you find out whether it's taken money?

derekw10 - Roo Bee Doo it has happened to me as well £195 taken from my account cash for this race.

Honedrops - there is a glitch at work as i have the same problem cash coming out of my account !! ?

Roo Bee Doo - And why did I have to pay £97.50 for a free race?

Roo Bee Doo - Minus £16 for 3rd???

20:28 - World Challenge Day 2-7Y F - 1
Betromania - Random 1 again lol unbelievable

20:38 - World Challenge Day 2-7Y C - 1
Betromania - At last ...

23:25 - $150 Capped WFA 2-7Y C - 1
The wolfs lair - Genuinely don't think I have beaten a horse of yours in about 15 races Adam lol.